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Fascinated by software technology since young, I created my first webpages on geocities and angelfire when I was about 11 (circa year 2000).

During secondary school, I endeavored on working on a couple of website projects on a freelance basis. I was adept with IT compared to my peers – learning about colocated dedicated servers, the alternative world (Linux), hosting game servers, shoutcasts, web/mail servers at 14 years old. It was a fun time but alas, there was the military service ahead for me.

I had to decide whether to study IT in Polytechnic (vocational school) and then upon graduation risk 2 years in military conscription losing my edge later when trying to find a job, or go for something that is less time-relevant. Back then, the IT industry was immature and vocational school in IT was looked down upon. With some discussion with my family and relatives, I chose a highly competitive field instead – Banking & Financial Services.

Little did I realize that later as I graduated and entered military service aka National Service (NS), my itch for maximizing productivity through IT just would not stop. I saw great opportunities in leveraging IT to deliver efficiencies at my vocational unit.

I negotiated for a role to implement an information management system. I was responsible and accountable for everything from gathering user requirements via on-the-job training, to designing and developing the system. I used the programming skills gained from pre-NS days to code from scratch using PHP, MySQL, jQuery. I even set up an intranet environment.

It was my first major project and I had successfully implemented it. Even though there were some who ostracized my perspective and thought I was trying to make an excuse to get away from the “real” work, I got a great sense of achievement and satisfaction from delivering the project. Those who did not appreciate or were savvy with technology did not understand it was no simple system. Based on my experience working with companies who develop and deliver similar systems, what I had delivered for free would have been easily worth more than hundreds of thousands of Singapore dollars by today’s (2020) standards. On the positive side, I gained invaluable work experience and the actualization that I obviously wouldn’t be getting as much job satisfaction in anything other than IT.

As my full-time service to NS was finally over, I really wanted to get a degree in IT. I was unwilling to spend another 3 years to get a diploma in IT, though.

I applied for computer degree courses at local universities but to no avail. I eventually had to settle for a degree in Accounting through the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) route.

But I never gave up my passion.

On hindsight, it is precisely I am armed with this dual skill set, that today I am fully capable of understanding layman (people not from the IT world) requirements and real world problems, and confidently translating them into actionable and practical solutions.

P.S. since learning is never bad, I am also fluent in the Japanese language having self studied, and then worked and lived in Japan. 🙂



I enjoy working with small teams where members are passionate and driven to create products of high value.


I gather requirements from layman users and translate into technical specifications. I map complex process flows into easy-to-understand application logic to aid technical development of complex products.


I am passionate in solving problems whether it has to be brainstorming with team members or coming up with solutions by myself.


I like driving process improvement initiatives to maximize productivity.



Recently got to explore this and fell in love with it immediately.


Eternally grateful to have achieved 初段 (first degree black belt) in 2016 at Japan’s 暁會 after a few years at Singapore’s 心柔會.




Only because I want to overcome my acrophobia.


😀 mmm


Don’t get to do this much since there’s never winter where I live, but would seize the opportunity to play when I can.


~ 2020

~ 2020

~ 2020

~ 2018

~ 2016

BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting
~ 2013

Diploma Banking & Financial Services
~ 2009
Transcripts available on request

Career History

Assistant Manager
2020 ~ current

System Executive
2018 ~ 2020

Project Coordinator
2016 ~ 2018

Coordinator for International Relations
2014 ~ 2016


6 countries visited

created 1st html webpage at 11 years old in year 2000

vtsuki.net since 2006


linkedin github dockerhub

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Always striving to maximize productivity by closing the gap between business requirements and engineering capabilities, I have 4+ years of professional experience in the technology field; working in a full spectrum of specialties from managing projects, leading small teams, integrating systems, developing specifications and programming.


Sep 2020 – Current

Assistant Manager, Product Delivery

National Heritage Board
    • Product Delivery

Aug 2018 – Sep 2020

System Executive

Shimadzu (Asia Pacific)
  • Mobile App (iOS, Android)
    • Successfully completed 3 project phases (initial release, enhancement, new feature releases)
    • Met internal compliance requirement by matching reported information against GPS data
    • Eliminated turnaround time in collecting data by digitalization
    • New sets of data for business and compliance analyses
  • Data integrations
    • Eliminated manual work required by business users e.g. calling/emailing third-party Warehouse staff

Dec 2016 – Jul 2018

Project Coordinator

Koei Tecmo Singapore
  • Released over 40 game content updates in Taiwan and China markets
  • Elevated DAU via 3 cross-game collaborations
  • Maximized ARPPU through sales events between game updates

Aug 2014 – Jul 2016

Coordinator for International Relations

Miyazaki City Hall, Japan
  • Presented seminar on “Advice on Everyday Living in Miyazaki” to new JET participants
  • Language interpreter for the City Mayor in the “Local Visits by Ambassadors to Japan” event held in Miyazaki City (organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
  • Language interpreter for the officials of US and CN sister cities
    Planned and held over 7 international cultural events such as Japanese Tea Ceremony and Singapore Cooking Class with an average 40 participant count

Sep 2009 – Sep 2011

Military Police

Singapore Armed Forces
  • Designed, developed and delivered web-based Information Management System
    • Reduced work by 540 man-hour per month
    • Secure environment by use of intranet infrastructure
    • Data backup by use of available redundant resources




  • P5 Advanced Performance Management
  • P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance


BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting

Oxford Brookes University


Diploma – Banking & Financial Services

Ngee Ann Polytechnic


GCE ‘O’ Level

Holy Innocents’ High School

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Technical Applications

System Analysis

Solution Architecture

Data Analysis

Server Administration


Application Knowledge



Ubuntu 18.04

Microsoft Office 365


Programming Skills

Python 3.8


MySQL 5, 8



jQuery 1.4

Excel VBA Macros

Language Proficiencies


Mandarin Chinese



2020 – Flutter mobile app

2019 – Migration

hobby project

2015 – JET Opinion Exchange Conference

2015 – Introduce Singapore

2015 – Chicken Rice Cooking Class

2015 – Japanese Tea Ceremony

2014 – Christmas Market

2014 – Mectron Engineering

wordpress customization

2013 – QuickSpawn

game forum

2011 – SAFDB Infosys

information management system

2009 – CherSamme


2008 – FundzForFun

school project

2007 – ZenochFashion.com

zencart customization and implementation

2006 – vtsuki.net

vtsuki.net in 2006

2005 – Evo-ViRz.net

experimental php

2004 – North East Virtual Heritage Trail

1st runner-up in school website competition