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Due to nature of project, screenshots are not available.
  • Animated loading progress bar upon opening index
  • Real-time clock at bottom of page
  • Opening background sound (about 4 seconds)
  • Clickable links at the top menu
  • Blank because no archives kept at that time
  • Sketch of Singapore map
  • Layout framed with <table> tag
  • North-East (Aljunied GRC, Hougang SMC...) are clickable regions by use of <map><area shape> tags
  • Right clicking on all pages is disabled by use of JavaScript
  • Scrolling marquee on left
  • Date at bottom shows date at which webpage was accessed
  • "Bookmark Us" link appears if browser is Internet Explorer 4 and above
  • Background music plays only on this page
  • Clicking on Gallery in side menu opens a new window
  • Simple JavaScript photo gallery
  • Content dump with random text/image alignments
  • JavaScript quiz which populates correct answers and shows all answers via alert dialog upon clicking "Well... How did I do?" button
  • Change background color of webpage by JavaScript
  • Background color change is only effective on the page. Will revert after navigating/refreshing the page as there is no cookie to save this session.